The Senate hearings in President Trump's impeachment trial began with a case brought by House of Representatives managers that included videos as riveting as they were horrifying, featuring insurrectionists brutalizing Capitol Police Officers and cursing them out while accusing them of treason.
Anyone who believed that because the mutineers were supporters of Donald Trump, a professed champion of law and order (except when it affects him personally), they wouldn't disrespect law enforcement was being naive. Mr. Trump's followers include neo-Nazis, white supremacists and other despicable characters; if he told them to go "fight like hell," any pretense that they supported cops figured to quickly vanish.
Apologists for the disgraceful behavior at the Capitol claimed it wasn't worse than the rioting in cities like Portland and Seattle and, to a lesser extent, New York City. That's not true, and it's a false comparison: the rioters at the Capitol were trying to keep Mr. Trump in power by trashing a lawful election process.
But Lieutenants Benevolent Association President Lou Turco told us Feb. 11 that this should not mean that rioters in other cities get a free pass for their mayhem.
He said of the violence at the Capitol, "I think it's disgusting, I think it's deplorable, and should be condemned—they attacked law enforcement."
But, he added, "I wish our elected officials would show the same kind of respect for New York City police officers."
He cited the 400 city cops injured in clashes at demonstrations over the past nine months, including one of his members who was struck by a brick and another who was hit with a fire extinguisher.
"You have to have a uniform condemnation of attacks on law enforcement," Mr. Turco said. "And nobody did that here."  

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