Terri Napolitano, who was just fired for posting illustrations of President Barack Obama with a noose around his neck and Hillary Clinton heading for the gallows, clearly has serious psychological issues.
In a coarsened society where some chant "Lock 'em up" about political antagonists who haven't even been charged with a crime, Ms. Napolitano went the extra 100 yards to parade her irrationality. She threw away a 17-year career, a big chunk of her pension and whatever portion of her reputation had survived before that post brought this Court Sergeant to justice.
Her firing became a no-doubt proposition after an independent review of racism in the court system put this case under the microscope. 
Some who stated on social media that her sentiments were terrible questioned whether her free-speech rights weren't violated. The answer is no. Public employees, particularly in law enforcement, have limits on their speech that don't apply to others. The reason is simple: the government has an interest in ensuring that its workers don't create the impression that racism, sexism or other repugnant qualities may color its actions.
Ms. Napolitano needs professional help. She has no one to blame but herself.

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