Mayor de Blasio and the City Council figured out how to trim $1 billion from the Police Department's budget, and it wasn't enough to satisfy the 500 people who had claimed the mantle of Occupy City Hall.  They apparently are sophisticated eno…

Thursday, July 02, 2020

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Friday, June 26, 2020

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Our guess is that some top city officials had mixed feelings about the bad behavior of the protesters who were camped out in City Hall Park over the final days of the budget process.

Amid the cacophony of voices calling for budget changes that would sharply reduce the police force despite troubling rises in both homicides and shootings this year, Mayor de Blasio and Police…

The city is staring at a financial crisis that is virtually certain not to be alleviated by Federal action by the time a new budget must be in place July 1. 

All those convinced that the cops are impediments to peace and justice should consider a recent report regarding another often-maligned group: correction officers.

Legislative changes that will significantly affect police discipline, from the penalties involved to public disclosure of relevant past violations by cops, moved to enactment by Governor Cuomo…