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Mayor: Stop-and-Frisk Failed Before And Won't Deter Violent Crime Now


Mayor de Blasio, facing growing concerns over a wave of shootings last month that was more than double the total for June 2019, dismissed the possibility that public sentiment might force a return to the extensive use of stop-and-frisk tactics that he successfully campaigned against to win office seven years ago.  Read more


Too Much or Not Enough?: Shift Of School Agents Rapped by Both Sides


The budget decision to remove School Safety Agents from the Police Department’s control and under eventually move under the authority of the Department of Education sparked criticism from both advocates who called for reforms to school safety and the union that represents the Agents. Read more


Council Grudgingly OKs Budget Cutting NYPD Without Much Blood


By a 32 to 17 vote, the City Council approved an $88.1-billion budget which exhausts $4 billion in city funding reserves and cuts spending on the NYPD by close to $1 billion. Read more


Police Class With 1,163 Rookies Among Budget Cuts for NYPD


At the end of the day, the $1-billion figure was target-rich, but a shot too far.  Read more

News of the Week

AFT Leader to Police Unions: Can't Ignore Blacks Being Abused

Outrage over the killing of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer who pressed his knee into his neck for nearly nine minutes has pro… Read more


Mayor de Blasio, during his weekly appearance June 29 on "Inside City Hall," seemed to be trying to run out the clock when host Errol Louis… Read more

FF in Racist Floyd Photo Flap Back on Payroll

A city Firefighter who was suspended earlier this month for posting a photo-shopped picture of a naked black man sitting on George Floyd's … Read more

Educators Charge UFT Improperly Agreed to Freeze Grievance Rights

Six members of the United Federation of Teachers June 25 filed an improper-practice charge with the state Public Employees Relations Board … Read more

Razzle Dazzle

Days of Imperial Police Commissioners Over?

Mayor de Blasio and the City Council figured out how to trim $1 billion from the Police Department's budget, and it wasn't enough to satisf… Read more

Letters to the Editor

Death-Probe Solution

To the Editor: Conflicts between the Medical Examiner, Health Department and law enforcement do not enhance the quality of death investigat… Read more

Pity Our Fool and Followers

To the Editor: Many of President Trump’s supporters have vocalized that their 2016 decision to vote for Mr. Trump was based upon his messag… Read more

Professionals' Columns

Last-Second Tips For Tax Procrastinators

Can't make the July 15 tax-filing deadline and need more time to file your tax return? You can get an automatic six-month extension of time… Read more


New York City Exams

Below is a roundup of New York City exams leading to public service positions.  Read more

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