Social Security offers retirement, disability, and survivors benefits. Medicare provides health insurance. Because these services are often related, you may not know which agency to contact for help. The list below can help you quickly figure out where to go. Please share this list with family and friends.

You can do much of your Medicare business with Social Security online.

• How do I report a death? Contact your local Social Security office or call 1-800-772-1213 (TTY 1-800-325-0778)

• How can I check Medicare eligibility?

• How do I sign up for Hospital Insurance? (Part A)

• How do I sign up for Medical Insurance? (Part B)

• How do I apply for Extra Help with Medicare Prescription drug coverage? (Part D)

• How to appeal an income-related monthly adjustment amount decision? (For people who pay a higher Part B or D premium, if their income is over a certain amount.)

• How can I request a replacement Medicare card online?

• If I already get benefits or have Medicare, how do I report a change of address or phone number?

• Where do I find publications about Medicare? or

Medicare also offers many online services where you can find out:

• What does Medicare cover?

• How can I check the status of Medicare Part A or B claims?

• Where do I find forms for filing a Medicare appeal or let someone speak with Medicare on my behalf?

• What do Medicare health and prescription drug plans in my area cost, and what services do they offer?

• Which doctors, health care providers, and suppliers participate in Medicare?

• Where can I find out more about a Medicare prescription drug plan (Part D) and enroll?

• Where can I find a Medicare Supplement Insurance (Medigap) policy in my area?

Ms. Rosario Diaz is Assistant District Manager for Social Security’s Downtown Manhattan office.


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