There are countless reasons why you can benefit from using your personal my Social Security account. Here are five that highlight why opening an account today can help you and the people you love.

Saving you time

There's no need to leave your home when using the features of my Social Security. You may think you need to speak with a Social Security representative to check your application status, set up or change direct deposit, or request a replacement Social Security card. All you have to do is log in or create an account at


When you open an account, it prevents someone else from possibly creating an account in your name. We use the two-step authentication to verify you are the one logging in to your account. Your personal information is very important to us. You can access your personal information safely and securely using my Social Security.


Did you know you can see your entire work history with your personal my Social Security account? This allows you to verify if your employers reported your earnings to us correctly. This is very important. Accurate wage reporting will ensure you get the benefits you earned when you begin receiving benefits.

Planning for your Future

Retirement planning is essential for a secure future. The Retirement Calculator lets you enter the age or date when you expect to begin receiving benefits to generate an estimated benefit amount. If you enter your estimated future salary amount, that will be included when calculating the estimated benefit amount. You can also view your estimated disability benefit on the Estimate Benefits page.


A personal my Social Security account gives you the control to conduct your Social Security business wherever and whenever you want without needing to speak with a representative. You can check the status of your claim, get an instant proof-of-benefits letter or copy of your SSA-1099, and more. And people in most states can request a replacement Social Security card. Check out and put yourself in control.

Ms. Rosario Diaz is Assistant District Manager for Social Security’s Downtown Manhattan office.

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