In the first 21 months of his term in the White House, President Trump has made good on his pledge to crack down on illegal immigration and restrict legal immigration. Now, public health officials are warning that his policy is posing a significant risk to the public health of all Americans because immigrants are now avoiding public health settings. That, experts warn, sets the stage for outbreaks of communicable diseases like tuberculosis that would impact the entire population.

In our inaugural "Just One Take" podcast, reporter Bob Hennelly sits down with Dr. Mitchell Katz, CEO and President of NYC's Health + Hospitals, the largest public health care system in the nation. Dr. Katz told The Chief-Leader his staff has already seen immigrant families refuse medical care for fear that if they receive such care it will be grounds for their removal from the country. 



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Hope Lourie Killcoyne

My take on “Just One Take,” albeit following just one podcast, is that we are in for a superb and succinct series of interviews with experts regarding crucial matters. As with Mitchell Katz, MD, one of my dads was an infectious disease doctor. When I moved to NYC decades ago, he cautioned me to be aware of coughs in crowded spaces. Unwittingly passing along illness is one thing, but if our government is effectively barring some among us to seek medical care due to fear of possible life-shattering consequences, all of us are imperiled. Bravo, Bob.

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