Edward B. Prial, publisher of The Chief-Leader, has announced that the publication is for sale.

The Chief was founded in 1897 by Joseph J. O’Reilly, and was acquired by Frank J. Prial, Mr. Prial’s Great Grandfather, in 1919.  The Chief acquired the Civil Service Leader in 1980, becoming The Chief-Leader. A digital edition was added in 2007. The Prial family has run the publication for four generations.

“Without a next generation to run The Chief-Leader, we are seeking a new owner,” Mr. Prial said. He added, “it has been our family’s privilege to publish news vital to the civil-service community for over 100 years. Through the efforts of our dedicated employees, including longtime editor Richard Steier, we’ve never missed an issue.”

Over the years, hundreds of thousands of New York City, State and Federal public employees and prospective employees have relied on this publication for news about their jobs and career advancement.

“It’s time for The Chief-Leader to pass to a new owner who will take it into the future,” said Joseph Prial, The Chief CEO.

Interested parties should contact John Cribb of Cribb, Greene & Cope at johnthomas@cribb.com.

We depend on the support of readers like you to help keep our publication strong and independent. Join us.


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Thank you Mr Prial for your faithful service in bringing the Chief newspaper to multitudes over many decades. What a great testimony the Prial family had in continuing this paper. My Father used to send me to the “candy store” on Tuesdays to pick up a copy of the Chief. Thank you to all the others who have helped you along the way. I hope that you find somebody to purchase the paper who has the drive that you have. Be Blessed


I always tell young people get the Chief thanks so much Mr. Prial for your service


The Chief put me on my career path and I never looked back...All the best and Thank You

The true civil servant

Thank you for your years of running the paper and I hope you find a successor soon. Have you contacted the Times or Washington Post as possible purchasers?

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