A man identified as a private investigator was arrested at Rikers Island with marijuana and K2 synthetic pot hidden in his underwear, the Department of Investigation said Oct. 2.

Marrion-Paul Small-Wil­liams, 25, of Manhattan, was charged with promoting prison contraband in the first degree, a felony that carries a prison term of up to seven years upon conviction; promoting prison contraband in the second degree, a misdemeanor; and unlawful possession of marijuana, a violation.

Scent of Smuggler

DOI said that as part of an ongoing investigation it had developed information that Mr. Small-Williams was bringing in contraband. The agency arranged for a drug-sniffing dog to screen him, and when the dog reacted strongly Mr. Small-Williams surrendered, DOI said.

He had 24 grams of marijuana and 66 grams of K2, a synthetic form of marijuana also known as “spice” that the NYPD said is an increasing problem in the city, according to DOI. The drugs were contained in two plastic bags and two balloons, the agency said. Mr. Small-Wil­liams also had a roll of electrical tape, which is often used in wrapping contraband, concealed in his underwear, DOI said.

“This arrest is another example of DOI’s focused investigation to stop contraband trafficking in our city’s jails,” Commissioner of Investigations Mark G. Peters said in a statement. “A canine unit alerted that there were drugs on this visitor, demonstrating why DOI’s recommendation to place drug-sniffing dogs at entrances is critical.”

The Department of Correction cooperated in the investigation. DOI has been investigating contraband and security issues at Rikers since 2014.


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