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By a 4,586 to 33 count, members of Communications Workers of America Local 1180, which represents Administrative Managers as well as several other titles, approved their contract with the city providing a 7.25-percent wage hike over 43 months and seven days.

The balloting was conducted online by the American Arbitration Association.

Raise Breakdown

The contract calls for raises of 2 percent retroactive to May 6, 2018, 2.25 percent as of May 6, 2019 and 3 percent Oct. 6, 2020. The agreement tracks the wage pattern set by District Council 37 in July 2018 and the United Federation of Teachers in October 2018.

At the time that the deal was announced last December, union officials said that based on the bargaining unit’s average $60,000 annual salary, members could anticipate retroactive checks for a few thousand dollars.

It expects members to get those checks sometime in March.

The Local 1180 deal runs from May 6, 2018 to Dec. 12, 2021, seven days longer than the UFT contract, which allowed the union to apply additional monies it had accumulated from past contracts with the city.

Several employee groups, depending on their agency and length of service, will now be entitled to longevity pay and experience differentials.

Many Happy Returns

“More of our members voted on this contract than ever before, which shows how well-received the terms and conditions were,” Local 1180 President Gloria Middleton said. “Our members showed tremendous confidence and support in the Local 1180 leadership team with this ratification vote of more than 99 percent, which also shows what a major achievement we can accomplish when we stick together.”

This was Ms. Middleton’s first mayoral contract since she took over as Local 1180’s president after Arthur Cheliotes stepped down as president and assumed the role of business agent in 2017.

She also negotiated last April’s settlement of a lawsuit alleging race- and gender-bias concerning pay for Administrative Managers. That $15-million agreement covered 1,800 active and retired Local 1180 members who were on the job from December 2013 through 2017. Depending on the race and gender of the claimant, and the length of their city service, the checks ran between $200 and $8,000, minus taxes and legal fees.

20% Could Get Upgrade

In an interview Ms. Middleton estimated that as a result of the union's following up on the EEO settlement, 360 of the 1,800 members might have on-the-job responsibilities that should earn them higher-level designations that would carry higher pay. “And we do have language in the settlement that allows us to make their case in arbitration,” she said.

The union is conducting a survey of those members to determine if they believe they were not assigned to the level that corresponded with the responsibilities and workload for their title. “They have from a year of the payout to challenge it,” she said.

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