CCTV Installation at Fort Independence Houses

NOT SO-WELCOMING: The Superintendent at Fort Independence Houses, a Bronx Housing Authority development, was allegedly shot three times by a subordinate angered about being written up on the job. Tenant association president Barbara Lauray said that she had previously asked NYCHA to remove the alleged shooter, Supervisor of Housing Caretakers Frankie Corchado.

A Housing Authority employee in the Bronx allegedly shot his supervisor Jan. 6 after he was written up for an infraction.

Frankie Corchado, a Supervisor of Housing Caretakers at Fort Independence Houses who has worked for NYCHA for more than a decade, allegedly fired three shots at the development’s Superintendent, Charles Newton, at 2:15 p.m. after a dispute erupted between them.

Critical But Should Live

Mr. Newton, who worked at the housing development for two years, was hit in the chest, abdomen and leg, and was taken to St. Barnabas Hospital in critical condition, according to the NYPD. He is expected to survive.

Police are still searching for Mr. Corchado, who reportedly drove away in a beige Chevy Tahoe.

Barbara Lauray, the tenant association president for Fort Independence Houses, said that tensions between the two of them had been brewing for more than a year, and that she called NYCHA a year ago to ask for Mr. Corchado’s removal but no action was taken.

“This individual was written up on numerous occasions. So it wasn't like NYCHA didn't know about the situation,” she told reporters. She added that Mr. Corchado was often “disrespectful” and “belligerent.”

A spokeswoman for NYCHA declined to comment and the NYPD did not answer a question regarding background checks for public-housing staff. Teamsters Local 237, which represents more than 8,000 NYCHA employees, also declined to comment.

Super ‘A Good Guy’

Ms. Lauray noted that Mr. Newton was a “good guy.” “If you didn’t work he had a problem with you. He was here to do a job and he expected you to do yours,” she said.

“I blame NYCHA. They knew of the situation and they let it go on here,” she said. “They did nothing about it. Now we have a gentleman in the hospital with bullet wounds because you let a nut work in the development and you knew he was out of control.”

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