While President Trump is still suffering under a lifetime ban from Twitter, the man who has morphed from America's Mayor to Ex-President's Personal Lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, continues to tweet on, although not necessarily to his advantage.

A Jan. 7 tweet was a prime example, as well as fodder for those who think Rudy has tried to compensate for losing a few yards off his fastball by relying exclusively on throwing screwballs.

He stated, "Antifa and BLM attack DC like they helped organize the January 6 attack on Congress. However, so far their role is being concealed."

Even to veteran Rudy Watchers, this was a bit startling, and not necessarily because of the far-fetched theory, which is actually pretty consistent with many of his recent pronouncements about events related to the presidential election. (One of those, that a voting-machine company rigged its machines to shift votes for Mr. Trump to Joe Biden's column, as part of a really long-range conspiracy whose participants include Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez—who can't be subpoenaed to testify because he died eight years ago—has put him on the wrong end of a $2.7-billion defamation lawsuit filed by the firm.) 

You might figure that Rudy would have a ready defense for implicating Antifa and Black Lives Matter in the attacks at the U.S. Capitol: he should know, because he was there. Except that therein lies a problem for Mr. Giuliani. One reason he isn't part of Mr. Trump's defense team during the ongoing Senate impeachment trial (aside from his batting average in election-related court cases being so low that the baseball term the Mendoza Line, for players hitting below .200, may soon be joined by the Giuliani Line for those batting .000) is that he could be called as a witness in that case.

That's because Rudy, as the final warm-up act before Mr. Trump gave his "fight like hell" speech to send his supporters off to the Capitol in the proper spirit, offered words of encouragement—"Let's have trial by combat"that might wind up being his actual epitaph as well as his political one.

Somehow we're not convinced any BLM members would have found it easy blending into the crowd that flocked to the Ellipse to hear Mr. Trump before heading off to wage war on the Capitol and all those inside it. And so the likelihood of Mr. Giuliani's claim holding even a grain of truth falls well below the possibility that he could face Federal indictments on matters from the Trump rally to his adventures in the Ukraine with his pals Lev and Igor sometime in the next few months.

Twitter can be a tough medium, and apparently that's particularly true these days for Mr. Giuliani. One woman who replied to his tweeted claim about who was really behind the Capitol attack was short and pithy, writing, "So. Democrats took part in a failed coup to overthrow the election they won."

Her bit of written eye-rolling was one of the more-charitable responses.

One man wrote, "After you advocated 'trial by combat' to the howling #MAGA mob, they murdered one Capitol police officer, stabbed another in the face, threw another down a flight of stairs, nearly poked out the eye of a 4th, and injured 140 officers in total."

If the truth hurt, so did ridicule. One woman wrote, "I would watch the hell out of a documentary that explained how your brain broke." That brought this reply from a male tweeter: "'Broke?' He was like this as NYC Mayor. The rest of the country caught on years after the fact."

The earnest responders didn't necessarily help things. One asked, "What the hell happened to the Rudy Giuliani we all once knew and respected?"

Another asked, "Doesn't Rudy have any family who care enough for him to get him the mental health care he needs?"

Another poster used that as a straight line to respond, "No. They hate him as much as he hates himself."   

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