There are times when candidates for re-election find themselves ambivalent about the endorsement of someone who is higher up in the pecking order of their political party but also carries baggage. They have to consider whether the glamor or importance that person brings with them will outweigh the negatives by providing extra attention to their campaign, or if it's better if that higher-ranking official remains neutral.

Congressman Max Rose, seeking his second term in a district that includes Staten Island and a small slice of Brooklyn, didn't have that kind of problem when it came to Mayor de Blasio. In fact, he took the highly unusual step of releasing a campaign spot Sept. 9 that consists of branding his fellow Democrat "the worst Mayor in the history of New York City."

We kid you not. The long version of the ad—15 seconds—shows Mr. Rose walking on a city street, uttering that line, and then standing there for several seconds, his index fingers pointing like he's just fired two guns. He then concludes, "That's it guys," and as the spot fades to black can be heard saying, "Seriously, that's the whole ad."

Mr. Rose clearly concluded that in a battle with Nicole Malliotakis, the Republican whom Mr. de Blasio trounced in gaining his second term in 2017, he should beat her to the punch in attacking the Mayor harder than even she might.

A press release accompanying the spot noted that Mr. Rose, an Afghan War vet who will never be mistaken for shy, had gone even further than that in his recent criticism of Mr. de Blasio's plan to reopen the public schools, calling him "the worst Mayor in the history of this great country."

Which actually sounded like President Trump's description of the man who took part in the painting of a Black Lives Matter mural directly in front of Trump Tower on Fifth Ave.

And there's more. Prior to Governor Cuomo finally giving the sign-off for indoor restaurant dining to resume in the city, Congressman Rose accused the Mayor of "actively trying to kill" off city restaurants. And he critiqued his response to Tropical Storm Isaias, which gave short shrift to the boroughs outside Manhattan to focus on the West Side seawall, as "not only dangerous, it's beyond ignorant." 

Before that, his campaign noted, Mr. Rose had criticized the Mayor's role in the budget deal with the City Council that offered a down-payment to the "defund the police" movement by slicing $1 billion from the NYPD's $6-billion spending plan.

Political consultant George Arzt couldn't recall a similar attack on a member of a candidate's own party in a political ad. That didn't mean, he said in a phone interview, that it wouldn't help Mr. Rose stave off his challenger, who is being strongly supported by Mr. Trump, who easily won Staten Island in 2016.

"I think for Staten Island it's effective, and the slice of Brooklyn that he has," he said of Mr. Rose. "I think people in that district don't like Bill de Blasio, and they blame him for a lot of things, some of which are true and some of which are not."

The Mayor shrugged off Mr. Rose's ad the following morning, saying, "He's a politician running for office, and he's wrong."

*       *       * 

Following the lead of the State Troopers Police Benevolent Association, the Dutchess County Deputy Sheriffs' Police Benevolent Association Sept. 8 endorsed former Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino for the 40th District State Senate seat covering parts of Westchester, Putnam and Dutchess counties.

The union's president, Ryan Griffin, said in a statement that the Republican nominee "stands against the dangerous party ideologies and the government overreach that has crippled New York in the form of bad bills such as Bail Reform, a bill that has allowed dangerous criminals to be released in large numbers and commit further crimes with no real consequences."

Mr. Astorino is opposing Democratic Sen. Peter Harckham, one of the co-sponsors of the bail-reform law.

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