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As the U.S. Postal Service wrestles with a makeover ordered last June by the Postmaster General, a Queens Mail Carrier was arrested for using a stolen credit card to finance her own makeover: plastic surgery.

Queens District Attorney Melinda Katz announced March 25 that Shakera Small had been indicted for identity theft and grand larceny in a scam that began to unravel in September 2019 when a man along her postal route in Jamaica got a credit-card statement that listed an $8,000 charge to Long Island Plastic Surgery.

A Double Rip-Off 

The man contacted his bank to say that not only hadn't he authorized the charge, he had never received the credit card.

The subsequent investigation found, according to the DA, that Ms. Small that summer had pocketed the credit card mailed to her customer on 168th St. She initially used her own credit card to charge a $1,000 deposit for the surgery at the Babylon office of Long Island Plastic Surgery in late August. But on Aug. 30, 2019, she used the stolen credit card to pay the balance, and four days later underwent the surgical procedure.

There was one other misrepresentation involved in the transaction, according to the DA's Office: when she went for the initial consultation, she presented a forged Connecticut driver's license in the name of Christine Petrow.

DA Katz said in a statement, "The crime alleged here was a betrayal of the public trust and an insult to the thousands and thousands of hard-working postal employees who do their jobs with integrity."

If convicted of the charges, which also include criminal possession of stolen property, falsifying business records and unlawful possession of personal identification information in the third degree, Ms. Small would face up to seven years in prison.

She is due back in court May 6.      

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