Uber, Lyft and other companies took home a big prize when California voters approved a ballot measure that exempted them from treating gig workers as employees. 

And while and executives promised to broaden their effort to other states, the issue has not been resolved nationally, and advocates for gig workers are scrutinizing California’s measure for weaknesses that could lead to court challenges, the New York Times reported. 

They and some elected officials in that state also contend that despite Prop. 22’s passage, the companies could still be found liable of having illegally classified drivers as contractors.

“I do believe they are on the hook for years of past wage theft to the drivers,” The Times quoted Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez. “Sure, Prop. 22 was enacted, but before that, they were breaking the law.”

The president and co-founder of Lyft, John Zimmer, said he is looking to kickstart discussions with labor unions, negotiations that could lead to gig worker benefits such as paid time off and bargaining rights, the newspaper reported.


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