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Telephone Maintainer List Established

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The Department of Citywide Administrative Services established a 21-name list for Telephone Maintainer on Nov. 20, 2019. The list is based on Exam 8613, which was held in 2019.

Readers should note that eligible lists change over their four-year life as candidates are added, removed, reinstated, or rescored. The list shown below is accurate as of the date of establishment but list standings can change as a result of appeals.


1 Christopher C. Barker 100.00

2 Davic A. Solomon 98.00

3 Shaka I. Corbin 97.00

4 Nazir Beharrie 95.00

5 Darren Lyken 92.00

6 Saffiq Yakcub 91.00

7 Oswald Belle 90.00

8 Boyd James 90.00

9 Marco A. Juarez Pedrero 90.00

10 Onorbe A. Wallace 88.00

11 Uladzimir Lazitski 88.00

12 Alex Spichnik 86.00

13 Christopher Marana 85.00

14 Aman Tsehaye 84.00

15 Jermaine L. Blake 83.00

16 Uladzimir Zhukouski 81.00

17 Kyungtae Kim 79.00

18 Jason Ramirez 79.00

19 Jason Imrith 74.00

20 Andriy Stoperkevych 72.00

21 Priscilla Rodriguez 72.00

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