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Watch Engineer Jobs At the Port Authority Start at $47.50 Hourly

Need Experience And High School Degree; Written, Practical Exams Required

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The Port Authority of New York & New Jersey is holding exams for Watch Engineer for positions in various authority facilities in both states. The salary is $47.50 an hour. 


Watch Engineers lead and deliver projects for Port Authority facilities employing a wide variety of duties involving the installation, maintenance, repairs and diagnosis of high/low-pressure heating and HVAC systems as well as fire-protection life-safety systems. Watch Engineers act as the Port Authority’s leaders for the safe and efficient operation of utility systems and auxiliary equipment.

Eligible candidates must have a high school diploma and three years of full-time paid work experience in the HVAC/Utility Systems handling high-pressure boilers, steam and refrigeration equipment; and a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency-issued Universal Refrigerant Technician's Certificate.

Licenses Required

Additionally, the following licenses are required either at the time of appointment or within a specified time period following employment: high-pressure steam boiler operator's license issued by New York City, or Blue Seal steam boiler operator’s license (Blue Seal - Class I, Grade G or above) issued by New Jersey, that is required at the time of hire; 

New York City refrigeration machine operator's license or Blue Seal refrigeration machine operator's license (Class II) issued by New Jersey, required at the time of hire;

New York or New Jersey certificate in pesticide application (selected applicants without a pesticide application certificate in either state must obtain this certificate within six months of employment);

Class B commercial driver's license with air-brakes endorsement or higher. Applicants without a Class B CDL must obtain a Class B CDL permit with endorsement before their first day of work, and will be required to obtain a Class B CDL with endorsement within three months of employment.


Selected qualified candidates will participate in a written test that will measure their knowledge in areas such as high-pressure and low-pressure heating; heating systems; A/C and refrigeration systems; auxiliary equipment; pumps and controls; fire protection, fire safety and sprinkler systems; and HVAC electrical systems.

Candidates who successfully pass the written test will be asked to take a hands-on practical exam designed to measure the candidate's knowledge, skills and ability in areas such as: working at heights; troubleshooting a rooftop furnace unit; installation of heating zones; creating a steel-pipe and copper-pipe loop; and central heating and refrigeration-plant operation. 

For candidates with A) a high-pressure boiler-operating engineer's license issued by New York City or a stationary engineer operator’s license (Blue Seal - Class I, Grade G or above) issued by New Jersey and B) a refrigeration machine operator’s license (unlimited capacity) issued by New York City or a Blue Seal refrigeration engineer’s license (Class II) by New Jersey and C) an EPA refrigerant technician’s certificate, the written test will be waived, and they will be directly invited to take the practical exam.

Selected candidates will be subject to a comprehensive background check and will be asked to provide copies of the required licenses for verification.

Complete information on the position, requirements and how to apply is available at

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they better up that salary for what they expect from you

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