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Trades Generalist Jobs With State Parks & Rec Office at $21 an Hour

Temporary Positions; 32-Hour Workweek; Bronx, Queens Openings; Location Pay Available

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The state Office of Parks, Recreation & Historic Preservation is accepting applications for Trades Generalist jobs in The Bronx and Queens through July 2. The temporary positions pay $20.82 an hour for a 32-hour workweek. 


Trades Generalists in Queens are responsible for one of the following: carpentry, plumbing, electric, motor equipment, small-engine repair or masonry. They will work across various trades and have responsibility for performing a variety of skilled and semi-skilled maintenance, repair, installation and construction tasks in the mechanical, building, motor equipment and electrical trades. 

They must have a working knowledge of methods, materials, tools and equipment used in their respective trades. They will plan and lay out projects, supervise and train others, as well as read and interpret plans. They may be assigned to other duties besides those described above, including supporting facility maintenance, and supervising lower-level staff.

Trades Generalists in The Bronx perform skilled journey-level maintenance, repair and inspection to gasoline, electric and diesel-powered equipment. They also weld in the course of fabricating parts or repairing frames and other components. 

Other duties and responsibilities include diagnosing and determining causes of faulty operation of various motorized equipment and machinery; overhauling ignition and fuel systems including carburetors, starters, generators and alternators; making periodic safety inspections of state-owned vehicles and equipment; diagnosing and repairing small engines; and identifying and justifying the need for factory technicians, special services and repairs to sophisticated equipment.


Successful applicants should have either four years of full-time experience in a trade under a skilled tradesperson that provided training equivalent to that given in a training, apprenticeship or equivalent program, or an equivalent combination of experience and training gained by completion of technical courses in skilled trades at a school, institute or branch of the Armed Services.

Candidates must be able to read and interpret blueprints, supervise others and act independently with a minimum of supervision. They must have fall-protection certification and confined-space certification, or obtain them during the employment period. 

Applicants must possess and maintain a valid New York State driver's license as a term and condition of employment. Some positions may require additional credentials or background checks.

For complete information on the openings and on how to apply, go to

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