Structure Operator Posts With Canal Corp. At $34,508

Offer Downstate Adjustments; Residency Not Required; Nov. 26 Filing Deadline For Jan. Written Test

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The New York State Canal Corporation is accepting applications for Canal Structure Operators through Nov. 26 for a written test to be held Jan. 11. The starting salary is $34,508.

Appointees who work in New York City or in Nassau, Suffolk, Rockland or Westchester Counties will receive an additional $3,026 annual downstate adjustment. Appointees who work in Dutchess, Orange or Putnam Counties will receive an additional $1,513 annual mid-Hudson adjustment. The application fee is $25.


Canal Structure Operators maintain and operate canal structures and equipment to permit passage of lock and lift-bridge traffic and regulate water level and flow. They are also responsible for checking for seepage and navigational hazards, and for preventing trespassing and vandalism.

They perform activities in support of the collection of user fees. The position requires frequent interaction with the public. Appointees will perform preventative maintenance activities and may work with a maintenance crew on canal pump-out projects, minor repairs to structures and buildings, and other tasks.

Canal operators cover a 24-hour day, seven-day-a-week schedule. Appointees can expect to be assigned to cover night and weekend shifts, and are subject to 24-hour emergency call-outs.

Both annual and seasonal positions may be filled as the result of this examination. Seasonal positions are paid at a lower hourly rate. Those candidates who receive a seasonal appointment from this eligible list will remain active for annual appointment.


On or before January 11, candidates must have either 1) six months of experience in the operation and assembly or the operation and maintenance of mechanical, electrical, automotive, hydraulic or diesel machinery; 2) six months of experience working on a canal(s), of which 50 percent of the duties must have included working at a canal lock and/or lift bridge; 3) a certificate of completion from a BOCES or a post-high school program in electrical maintenance, electrical construction; mechanical, hydraulic, automotive; or diesel repair or technology; 4) six college-semester credit hours in electrical construction, electrical maintenance; hydraulic, mechanical, automotive; or diesel repair or technology; or 5) possession of an electrician’s license and current registration issued by a New York State municipality.

Candidates must provide information regarding their licenses and registrations on their application. Candidates must possess a valid driver’s license at the time of appointment and continuously thereafter.

Those who expect to meet the educational requirements by June 30, 2020 can be admitted to the written test, but cannot be considered for appointment until they submit proof of successful completion of the educational requirement.

Appropriate part-time and volunteer experience will be accepted on a prorated basis. State residency is not required.

Exam Subjects

Questions on the written test will test for knowledge of the operation of various types of mechanical devices such as gears, pulleys, levers, valves and similar types of mechanical equipment. Other questions will test for knowledge of basic electrical principles, the proper operation of electrical machinery, tools used in electrical work, and proper electrical wiring procedures. They also will test for knowledge of general mechanical principles and may include such areas as tool identification and typical use, operating characteristics of mechanical equipment, and proper maintenance of mechanical equipment.

Candidates will also be tested on knowledge of techniques used to interact with other people, to gather and present information, and to provide assistance, advice and effective customer service in a courteous and professional manner.

A passing score is 70. Rank on the eligible list will be determined after adding any wartime Veterans' and Civil Service Law Section 85-a credits to a candidate’s final passing score.

More information on the positions and testing requirements can be found online at The exam number is 26-762.

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