School Safety Agent Positions With City Start at $33,819

Applications, Testing Through March 31; Must Live in City, Be a Citizen

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The city is accepting applications and holding tests for School Safety Agents through March 31. The salary is $33,819. The application fee is $47.

The Job

School Safety Agents patrol designated areas of school buildings and surrounding areas; identify and prevent the infiltration of unlawful or prohibited items; give routine information to visitors and direct them to the proper personnel and offices; request identification of, and remove from the premises, any unauthorized persons. They also aid sick and injured persons and call for medical, police or fire assistance; notify supervisors of all emergency incidents and complete any related documentation; respond to altercations between students and other persons, and attempt to separate the involved persons and resolve conflicts.

Among other tasks, they also maintain records of persons entering and leaving buildings; monitor security-camera systems; identify persons violating Department of Education rules and regulations; apprehend persons violating the law and notify the proper administrative personnel; prepare reports and testify in regard to these violations at Superintendents’ or Principals’ hearings and/or in court; and monitor and use radios to request assistance from co-workers.

School Safety Agents may be required to work rotating shifts including nights, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.


Applicants may be given a test before their qualifications are verified. At the time of appointment, they must meet the following qualifications for Special Patrolman status conferred by the NYPD: They must be 21 years of age; a U.S. citizen; a city resident; of good moral character; and have no record of felony convictions or serious offenses.

All candidates will undergo a background check that will start prior to appointment. They must pay a $75 fingerprinting fee.

Incumbents must maintain the above qualifications for the duration of their employment, with the exception of city residency.

After two years of continuous employment (during which city residency must be maintained), incumbents may be allowed to live in Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester, Orange, Rockland or Putnam counties.

Applicants must meet education requirements by June 30. Those include a four-year high school diploma or its educational equivalent.

They also will be examined to determine whether they can perform the essential functions of the position, including passing a physical test and a drug screening.

The Test

Applicants will be given a multiple-choice test at a computer terminal. Test scores will be used to determine places on an eligible list. The multiple-choice test will include questions which may require the use of any of the following abilities: Written comprehension, written expression, memorization, problem sensitivity, deductive reasoning, inductive reasoning, information ordering, spatial orientation and visualization.

A passing score is 70 percent.

Applicants who pass the test will have their names placed in final-score order on an eligible list and be given a list number. Those who meet all requirements and conditions will be considered for appointment when their names are reached on the eligible list.

More information on the position and testing requirements can be found online at The test number is 0315.

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