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Revenue Equipment Maintainer Jobs With NYC Transit at $40/Hr

Apply by July 27 For September Exams; Experience Needed, Residency Isn't

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New York City Transit is accepting applications through July 27 for Revenue Equipment Maintainer for exams scheduled to start Sept. 20. The current minimum salary is $40.01 per hour for a 40-hour work week. 

Benefits of this position include night and weekend salary differentials, paid holidays, vacation and sick leave, a comprehensive medical plan and a pension plan.

There are two assignment levels within this class of positions. Appointments will be made to Assignment Level I. After appointment, employees may be assigned to the higher assignment level at the discretion of MTA NYCT. 

The Job

Revenue Equipment Maintainers test, diagnose, repair and perform preventative maintenance on bus and subway automated-fare-collection equipment, including turnstiles, booth-terminal equipment, MetroCard vending machines and bus fare-boxes. They diagnose, troubleshoot, remove and replace electronic circuit boards, wiring harnesses, electronic and electro-mechanical modular units, and other components using digital multimeters, wiring schematics, palmtop computers and other special test equipment. 

They remove and replace revenue equipment items, such as fare-boxes, turnstile assemblies and fare vending- machine assemblies. 

Revenue Equipment Maintainers also keep records and prepare reports; drive motor vehicles between work sites and perform related work. Some of the physical activities they perform and environmental conditions they experience are: distinguishing colors under poorly lit working conditions to troubleshoot complex equipment; responding to sounds, warning bells, horns and vehicle movement; walking between tightly spaced buses; lifting and carrying heavy materials; and working outdoors in all weather conditions. They may be required to work various shifts including nights, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

To Qualify

By July 27, applicants must have met the following requirements: Three years of full-time journey-level experience in maintaining, testing, troubleshooting, calibrating and repairing equipment incorporating microprocessors and related electronic equipment. 

For the above journey-level experience to be credited, it must be preceded by one of the following: 1) Two years of full-time experience as a technician, technician’s helper, apprentice or trainee performing or assisting in the work described above; or 2) Graduation from a trade school or technical school, with a major course of study in electrical, electronic, electro-mechanical, or computer technology, or a closely related field, totaling 600 hours; or 3) Graduation from a vocational high school with a major course of study in electrical, electronic, electro-mechanical, or computer technology, or a closely related field; or 4) An associate degree or higher in electrical, electronic, electro-mechanical, or computer technology, or a closely related field. Qualifying part-time experience will be credited on a prorated basis.

Appointees must have and maintain a valid driver’s license with no disqualifying restrictions. Those with serious moving violations, a license suspension or an accident record may be disqualified. 

Applicants must pass a drug-screening to be appointed. City residency is not required for this position.

The Test

Applicants will be given a scheduled competitive multiple-choice test. The exam will test applicants' knowledge and abilities in the following areas: electrical and electronic theory; the maintenance, troubleshooting and repair of electrical, electronic and mechanical equipment, including the selection and use of required tools and testing devices; reading and interpreting schematics, diagrams and maintenance manuals; safe work practices, including first aid procedures; and related fields.

A score of at least 70 percent is required to pass. Veterans’ or Disabled Veterans’ Credit should be requested at the time of application but must be requested before the date the eligible list is established. 

For complete information on the position and how to apply visit

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