Police Officer Positions With State University Starting at $50,610

Dec. 18 Deadline, $35 Fee; Must Be a U.S. Citizen; Spanish-Language Posts Available

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The state is accepting applications for University Police Officers 1, including for Spanish-language posts, through Dec. 18. The pay is $50,610. The application fee is $35 for written tests to be held Feb. 1.

These positions are with the State University of New York throughout the state.

Location Differentials

Appointees who work in New York City or in Nassau, Suffolk, Rockland or Westchester counties will receive an additional $1,520 annual downstate adjustment.

In addition, appointees who work in Dutchess, Orange or Putnam will receive supplemental location pay of $1,266; in New York City or Rockland and Westchester Counties, $1,900; and in Nassau and Suffolk counties, $2,217.

University Police Officers 1 are trained to become officers with police powers. They would then be responsible for the detection and prevention of crime and the enforcement of laws, rules and regulations for the protection of persons and property and the general maintenance of peace, order and security.

They develop and maintain a positive relationship with all segments of the campus community to obtain cooperation and support in conducting a successful law-enforcement program. Typical activities include crowd control, foot and mobile patrols, traffic control and participation in crime prevention and personal-protection programs. They also perform additional duties such as dispatching, procedural follow-through, writing reports and other duties as required.


On or before Feb. 1, 2020, applicants must have either 1) two years of active military service with an honorable discharge AND 30 college semester credit hours; or 2) successful completion of a New York State Municipal Police Training Council approved Pre-Employment Training Program AND eligibility to complete the second phase of such training program that has not lapsed AND 30 college semester credit hours; or 3) 60 or more college semester credit hours.

Those who expect to meet the educational requirements by Sept. 30, 2020, can be admitted to the written test, but won’t be considered for appointment until they submit proof of successful completion of the educational requirement.

Appointees must possess a valid driver’s license.

University Police Officers must be state residents, at least 20 years old and no older than 35 on the date of the written test. However, time spent on military duty or on terminal leave, not exceeding a total of six years, shall be subtracted from applicants’ ages if they have passed their 35th birthday.

Although not required for taking the test, applicants must be a citizen at the time of appointment. They also must maintain New York residency.

Physical Evaluations

Applicants’ physical and medical condition will be evaluated. The standards include but are not limited to: uncorrected distant acuity not less than 20/100 in each eye; corrected distant visual acuity better than or equal to 20/30 in each eye. Candidates must also have satisfactory color-vision perception. A medical examination will be required prior to appointment, and applicants are responsible for payment of the laboratory test fee.

A physical-agility performance test consisting of a distance run, sit-ups, and push-ups must be successfully completed. Prospective appointees will be required to take a drug-screening test for which they are responsible for the lab fee. They also will be required to participate in a psychological evaluation, submit to a detailed background investigation, and be eligible to carry a firearm and range-qualify in firearms operation.


SUNY Police Officer policy requires that tattoos, body piercings and other body art are not be visible while a member is in uniform or business attire.

Within one year of appointment, those hired must complete a designated police basic-training course. There is a probationary period of between 52 and 78 weeks.

Those applicants who pass the examination for University Police Officer 1 (Spanish Language) (No. 26-817), will be required to demonstrate Spanish-language proficiency. Only enough candidates to fill current vacancies will be called to the proficiency test. Those who submit an application for No. 26-817 University Police Officer 1 (Spanish language), an application for University Police Officer 1 (No. 26-816) will automatically be submitted for University Police Officer 1 (No. 26-816) at no additional cost.

The Test

There will be a written exam designed to test for knowledge, skills, and/or abilities in such areas as situational judgment; language fluency; information ordering and language sequencing; problem sensitivity and reasoning; selective attention; visualization; spatial orientation.

A guide to the written test is available at www.cs.ny.gov/testing/testguides.cfm. Passing scores are 70.

Rank on the eligible list will be determined after adding any wartime Veterans' and Civil Service Law Section 85-a credits to your final passing score.

Complete information on the positions and testing requirements can be found online at www.cs.ny.gov/examannouncements/types/oc/. The exam application is 26-816.

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