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Police Officer Jobs Open With NYPD; Start at $42,500

Multiple-Choice Test; No Filing Fee; Pay is $85G After 5.5 Years; Must Be a U.S. Citizen

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The city is accepting applications for Police Officer through Nov. 3 for testing scheduled to begin Dec. 15. The salary is $42,500. There is no application fee. 

Incumbents will receive salary increments, with pay rising to $85,292 after 5½ years. There is an annual uniform allowance, holiday pay and contributions by the city to welfare and annuity funds and city-paid health insurance. Incumbents also receive a 2.25-percent differential for neighborhood policing. 

The Job

Police Officers perform general police duties and related work in the NYPD, including connecting and building relationships with the community.

They patrol an assigned area on foot or in a vehicle to prevent crime; apprehend crime suspects; intervene in various situations involving crimes in progress, aided-cases complaints, emotionally disturbed persons and the like. They also respond to and investigate vehicular accidents; interact with prisoners; issue summonses; obtain information regarding incidents by interviewing witnesses, victims, and/or complainants; safeguard and voucher seized, found or recovered property; handle situations involving maltreated, abused or missing children; and interact with juveniles. 

Officers may be assigned to crowd control for large-scale events such as demonstrations, rallies and parades; prepare forms and reports; and testify in court.

The job involves general reading of policies, laws and other legal documents, and includes writing clear narratives of criminal incidents, vehicle collisions, aided reports and other incident reports, which may be used in legal proceedings and police investigations.

Officers are required to work Saturdays, Sundays, holidays and nights, and to work rotating tours, change tours or work overtime. 

To Qualify

By the date of appointment, candidates must have: 1) successfully completed 60 college-semester credits with at least a 2.0 cumulative index or its equivalent; or 2) a four-year high school diploma or its educational equivalent, and have completed two years of honorable full-time U.S. military service.

Applicants must be at least 17 ½ years old by the date they take the exam and be 21 to be appointed. Only persons who are less than 35 years old on the date of the application for this examination may be appointed.

Exceptions to age requirements include military duty. Those who meet the definitions in Section 243 of the New York Military Law may deduct from their actual age the length of time spent in the military provided the total deduction does not exceed seven years. U.S. citizenship is required at the time of appointment.

Police Officers must live in the city or Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester, Orange, Rockland or Putnam counties.

10-Point Residency Credit

Candidates will be given a multiple-choice exam that will test their written-comprehension and -expression abilities; how well they can remember words, numbers, pictures and procedures; their problem sensitivities; their deductive- and inducting-reasoning capabilities; their information-ordering and spatial-orientation aptitudes; and their visualization skills.

The passing score is 70 percent, with a hiring list to be developed in rank order. 

Those applicants who continuously live in New York City from the time they achieve a passing score to when the list is established, and have applied for the credit, will have 10 points added to their test scores. Veterans’ and legacy credits are also available.

Other Qualifications

Among other requirements, candidates must pass Police Academy firearms, academic, physical performance and driving tests, and meet disciplinary and performance standards throughout a 24-month probationary period.

Candidates will be investigated prior to appointment, and must pay a $75 fee for fingerprint screening. That process will include the furnishing of original or certified copies of documents, including birth certificates, naturalization papers, military service and educational requirements, among others.

Those who speak a foreign language may be considered for appointment to positions requiring those abilities through the Selective Certification process. 

For complete information on the position, including on how to apply, visit

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