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Motor Mechanic Jobs Available With State Starting at $43,484

Openings in Various Counties; Pay Depends on Location; Experience or Relevant Education Required

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The state is accepting applications for Service and Repair Mechanics (Motor Equipment) for positions throughout the state. 

The minimum salary is $43,484, with increased salary rates approved for various counties.

Appointees in the New York City area—including Rockland, Suffolk and Westchester counties—will receive an additional $3,026 annual location-pay differential. Appointees in Dutchess, Orange and Putnam counties will receive an additional $1,513 location-pay differential.


Service and Repair Mechanics (Motor Equipment) diagnose and correct the causes of faulty vehicle and equipment operation. They overhaul, adjust and repair gaseous fuel engines, clutches, transmissions and differentials; ignition, wiring, lighting, fuel, cooling, braking and complex hydraulic systems; steering, wheel and suspension mechanisms; and body, cab and frame components. They also conduct state inspections.

They may overhaul and rebuild starters, generators, compressors, pumps, spreaders, small engines, mowers and a variety of other equipment. They may diagnose and repair electronic engine-control systems, anti-lock brake systems and air-conditioning. Cutting and welding might also be required.

Appointees make road calls, test-drive equipment and complete reports. They also use fleet-management software and DOT electronic systems to assist in repair, ordering and managing the repair schedule and parts stock.

Minimum Qualifications

On or before the date of filing an application, candidates must have either 1) four years of experience as an automotive or diesel mechanic, or 2) an associate's degree in automotive or diesel repair technology.

Education as detailed below may be substituted for a maximum of two years of experience.

Graduation from a technical or vocational program, such as B.O.C.E.S, in automotive or diesel technology or automotive or diesel-repair technology may be substituted for one year of experience. Graduation from a one-year post-high-school certificate program in automotive or diesel-repair technology may be substituted for up to two years of experience.

Complete information on qualifications, application requirements and procedures is available at

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