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Lead Abatement Jobs Available With City Starting at $46,849

Apply through Aug. 25; Experience Needed; No Written Test; Fee is $68

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The city is accepting applications for Lead Abatement Worker jobs through Aug. 25. The salary is $46,849. The application fee is $68. 

The Work

Lead Abatement Workers, under general supervision, perform lead-abatement work involving the removal or encapsulation of lead contained in or on any surface. They perform lead-abatement work, which requires the use of protective clothing, respirators and masks; room preparation, including moving and replacing of furniture; covering surrounding areas with plastic or other similar material to seal non-affected areas; and removing paint by scraping or chemical means. 

It also involves washing down walls and floors with chemical solutions, using a HEPA vacuum on various surfaces; removing window sashes and moldings; performing sheet-rocking and painting duties to restore treated areas; cleaning up work areas; and bagging and disposing of removed material in accordance with relevant Federal, state and local laws. 

Lead Abatement Workers also keep records of work performed and supplies used; may perform general-maintenance/construction work; and operate a motor vehicle to transport supplies and equipment to work sites and carry them to the appropriate floor. 

Some of the physical activities performed by Lead Abatement Workers and environmental conditions experienced are: Wearing a respirator, protective clothing and equipment; working with hazardous lead-containing materials and chemicals; carrying supplies, tools and equipment while walking up and down staircases; and climbing ladders. 


Applicants need three years of full-time satisfactory experience in general maintenance/construction work involving carpentry, painting, plastering, and/or plumbing.

Appointees must have a driver’s license valid in the State of New York, which must be maintained for the duration of your employment. They also will be required within 180 days from the day of appointment to get U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Lead Abatement Worker Certification. 

Candidates will be examined to determine whether they can perform the essential functions of the position of Lead Abatement Worker. They must not have any condition that would prevent a good face seal when wearing a respirator. Periodic medical examinations will be administered. Appointees must have passed a drug screening. 

They might also need to be city residents within 90 days of appointment. 

Qualifying Exam

Applicants’ scores will be determined by an education-and-experience exam. They will receive a score of 70 for meeting the experience requirements listed above. After those are met, applicants with satisfactory full-time experience as certified U.S. EPA Lead Abatement Workers performing lead-abatement work for at least one year will receive 10 points; for at least two years, 20 points; for three or more years, 30 points.

Applicants with full-time experience as a general maintenance/construction worker involving carpentry, painting, plastering and/or plumbing will receive additional credits on the following basis: At least one year, 5 points; at least two years, 10 points; three years, 15 points.

Those who pass the Education and Experience Exam will have their names be placed in final-score order on an eligible list that will be used to make appointments.

Applicants who have Selective Certification for U.S. EPA Certification in Renovation, Repair and Painting or U.S. EPA Certification in Lead-Based Paint Activities (Abatement) may be considered for appointment to positions requiring this certificate through Selective Certification. Certificates will be verified at the time of the appointment interview. Those who qualify for Selective Certification may be given preferred consideration for positions requiring this certificate. 

Complete information on the position and on how to apply is available at

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