Highways and Sewers Inspector Jobs With City Start at $54,995

Promotion Test Also Available; Fee $68; Must Apply by July 7; No Exam Date Yet

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The city is accepting applications for Highways and Sewers Inspector positions through July 7 for a multiple-choice exam to be given at a date to be determined. The salary is $54,995. The fee is $68.

The Position

Highways and Sewers Inspectors perform technical work in the inspection of construction, repair and maintenance of roads, sewers and appurtenances, pavements and sidewalks. They inspect the grading, paving and repaving of streets; the maintenance, repair and construction of sewers and appurtenances, house sewer connections, retaining walls, streets and street openings; the construction and repair of water, sewer and utility manholes and street sidewalks; and private property. 

In testing laboratories for asphalt or concrete plants, they check all materials used as to quality and grade; witness the making of concrete and other test cylinders; check the size of street openings and the satisfactory restoration of pavement or sidewalk; investigate complaints and reports on findings; maintain records and prepare comprehensive reports; keep daily records of the number and types of skilled and unskilled labor employed and mechanical equipment and material used. 

They may also supervise and train Apprentice Inspectors, and may be required to issue summonses and appear as witnesses in court. 

To Qualify

Applicants must have either 1) five years of full-time, satisfactory experience in the construction and/or repair roads and sewers; or 2) three years of full-time, satisfactory experience as described in “1” above plus any combination of college or university education and/or experience described in “1” above to make up the equivalent of five years of education and experience. Six months of experience will be credited for each 15 semester credits of college or university education leading to a bachelor’s or associate's degree in civil engineering or civil-engineering technology from an accredited college or university; or 3) satisfactory completion of the New York City Department of Transportation apprenticeship program for Apprentice Inspector (Highways and Sewers). 

Appointees must have a valid driver's license, which must be maintained for the duration of their employment. Applicants must pass a drug screening to be appointed.

The Exam

A multiple-choice test, given at a computer terminal, is designed to assess the extent to which candidates have certain knowledge and abilities determined to be important to the performance of the tasks of a Highways and Sewers Inspector. A detailed test description will be provided at a later date.

The passing score is 70 percent. The names of those who meet the education-and-experience requirements and pass the multiple-choice test will be placed in final-score order on an eligible list and given a list number.

A promotion examination for this title is being held for eligible employees. The names appearing on the promotion list will be considered first in filling vacancies. 

More information, including instructions on how to apply, are available at www1.nyc.gov/site/dcas/employment/how-can-you-find-upcoming-exams.page.

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