Heating/Air-Conditioning Maintainer Jobs Open With Transit Authority

Start at $30.81 an Hour; Application Fee is $82; Exams Nov. 16 and 17; Apply By Sept. 10

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New York City Transit is accepting applications through Sept. 10 for Heating and Air-Conditioning Maintainers, with qualifying exams scheduled for Nov. 16 and 17.

The salary is $30.81 per hour for a 40- hour work week, increasing to $36.24 by the sixth year of service. The application fee is $82.


The Job

Heating and Air-Conditioning Maintainers, under supervision, maintain, install, inspect, test, alter and repair heating and air-conditioning systems and equipment of MTA New York City Transit structures, such as shops, stations and buildings.

They work on air conditioners and components, such as compressors, condensers, evaporators, fans, motors, electrical and electronic controls and valves. They work on boilers, furnaces and components, such as boiler sections, heaters, radiators, piping, pumps, motors and electrical and electronic controls and valves. They solder and braze, keep records, write reports and perform related work.

Some of the physical activities performed and environmental conditions experienced are: loading and driving light utility trucks; lifting equipment weighing up to 75 pounds; climbing and descending ladders; working at heights of up to 50 feet; making visual inspections of equipment; distinguishing colored wiring; and reading blueprints and schematics.


By Sept. 10, applicants must have either 1) Successfully completed a four-year, full-time apprenticeship in the construction, repair and maintenance of air-conditioning and/or heating systems recognized by the state Department of Labor, the U.S. Department of Labor or any apprenticeship council that is recognized by the U.S. Department of Labor;

or 2) Three years of full-time satisfactory experience at the journey level in the installation, repair and maintenance of industrial, commercial or domestic air-conditioning units, or commercial refrigeration equipment or heating systems in buildings, and the electrical controls and wiring for such equipment;

or 3) Two years of full-time satisfactory experience at the journey level, plus completion of one of the following before obtaining journey-level experience: a) Two years of full-time satisfactory experience performing work described above in “2” as a mechanic’s helper, apprentice or trainee; or b) Graduation from a recognized trade school or technical school, with a major course of study in electromechanical, electrical or electronic technology, or a closely related field totaling 600 hours; or c) Graduation from a vocational high school with a major course of study in electro-mechanical, electrical or electronic technology, or a closely related field; or d) An associate degree or a higher-level degree with a major course of study in electro-mechanical, electrical or electronic technology, or a closely related field. Qualifying part-time experience will be credited on a prorated basis.

Appointees must have a valid state driver’s license. They also must pass a drug screening. City residency is not required.

The Test

Applicants will be given a qualifying multiple-choice test and a competitive practical-skills test.

The multiple-choice test may include questions on basic electrical theory; electrical, mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic devices and components related to the heating and air-conditioning trade; proper selection and use of tools, instruments and materials; safe, proper and efficient work practices; reading and interpreting blueprints and drawings; performing job-related calculations; keeping records and other related areas.

The practical-skills test may include tasks related to the installation, testing, maintenance and repair of electrical, electronic, mechanical and electromechanical components and systems related to the heating and air-conditioning trade, including the selection and use of appropriate tools, materials and measuring devices; related mechanical work; reading and interpreting technical drawings; shop math; safe work practices and procedures; and other related areas.

A passing score on each test is 70.

Only those who meet the qualifying education and experience requirements and pass the multiple-choice test will be scheduled to take the practical-skills test. Scores on the practical-skills test will determine applicants’ places on the eligible list.

Complete information on qualifications, application requirements and procedures is available at web.mta.info/nyct/hr/appexam.htm. The exam number is 0601.

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