Fire Protection Inspector Jobs Available With City Starting At $46,607

Citizenship Required; Must Live in NYC; 'Good Character' Necessary; $68 Fee For June Exams

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The city is accepting applications through March 24 for Fire Protection Inspector posts. The pay is $46,607. The fee is $68 for exams scheduled to begin June 1.

The Position

Fire Protection Inspectors conduct inspections to detect violations of laws, rules and regulations intended to reduce or eliminate fire hazards or assist in extinguishing fires. They inspect standpipe systems, sprinkler systems, oil filling/automotive service stations, fuel oil burner units, air conditioning units, the installation of range-hood suppression systems, carbonated gas systems, air valves and emergency fuel shut-offs on tank trucks, tank compartments and lids on tank trucks.

They also witness flow and pressure test of sprinkler and standpipe systems; complete and issue violation forms, orders and/or summonses; fill out appropriate forms as required; observe and inspect the surroundings of structures for hazardous conditions; testify in court; operate a motor vehicle; research applicable codes; receive complaints with regard to possible fire hazards; refer complaints to the appropriate agency when non-Fire Department-related; and check for presence of fire extinguishers which meet code requirements.


Applicants must have either 1) three years of satisfactory full-time experience in one or any combination of the following areas: a) design, installation, operation, repair, testing or inspection of fire-suppression, fire-alarm and/or extinguishing systems; and/or refrigeration or air-conditioning systems with a minimum of 5 horsepower; or b) installation and repair of fuel-oil heating systems; or c) formulation, enforcement or implementation of safety standards and programs in the manufacture and/or storage of materials which are potential fire hazards; or d) inspection of premises where materials which are potential fire hazards are manufactured or stored to detect the potential for fire and/or explosion; or e) inspection of facilities for compliance with fire and building codes and other safety standards and enforcement of these codes and standards for governmental agencies.

Or 2) Three years of satisfactory full-time experience as a NYC Certified Fire Safety Director or Construction Site Fire Safety Manager, at least one year of which involved regularly performing any combination of the duties described in “1” above.

Other combinations of experience and education are also qualifying. Interested applicants can consult the position announcement at

‘Good Character’

Appointees must have a valid driver’s license and must be a New York City residents unless they have been city employees for two years, in which case they may residents of Nassau, Westchester, Suffolk, Orange, Rockland or Putnam counties. Citizenship is required at the time of appointment

Because Fire Protection Inspectors are designated as Peace Officers, proof of good character is a prerequisite to appointment.

The Test

Applicants will be given a qualifying multiple-choice test and a competitive education-and-experience exam.

The qualifying multiple-choice test is designed to assess the extent to which candidates have certain abilities determined to be important to the performance of a Fire Protection Inspector’s task. They include inspection and fieldwork; scheduling and planning; administrative duties and record keeping; collaboration and teamwork; and technical expertise.

All candidates will receive a tentative evaluated score on the education-and-experience exam after clicking final submit for that portion of the exam in OASys. Passing scores for both the qualifying multiple-choice test and the education-and-experience exam is 70 percent.

Complete information on the position, requirements and exams can be found online at

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