Exams for Emergency Medical Specialist Jobs Starting at $35,254

Positions With FDNY; Apply by Nov. 26; Background Check, Good Character Required

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The city is accepting applications for Emergency Medical Specialists-EMTs through Nov. 26. The salary is $35,254. There is a $54 application fee.

The Job

Emergency Medical Specialists-EMTs provide timely, professional pre-hospital emergency medical care/Basic Life Support (BLS) to anyone who requests or requires it; provide transportation to medical facilities; operate department vehicles; receive, prioritize and dispatch calls for emergency medical assistance; and provide patient care under the authorization of the Medical Director.

EMS-EMTs also prepare and submit reports, and may be assigned to work in any FDNY facility. They may be required to work various shifts including nights, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

They treat patients who may have infectious and communicable diseases; work in confined spaces such as under vehicles, trains and buildings; at hazardous material scenes such as a chemical spills or industrial fires or accidents; and at other unconventional locations, such as bridges and highways.

All work is performed in accordance with FDNY policies and procedures.

To Qualify

By the last day of the application period, candidates must have a four-year high school diploma or its educational equivalent and 1) a valid NYS Department of Health EMT-Basic Certification; or 2) a valid NYS Department of Health EMT-Paramedic Certification. The certificate must remain valid for the duration of employment. Appointees must have and retain a valid driver’s license.

Since EMS-EMTs must be able to wear respirators, they are not permitted to have facial hair that interferes with the sealing surface of the respirator and the face or interferes with the valve function of the respirator.

Medical and psychological guidelines have been established for the position of EMS-EMT, and candidates will be examined to determine whether they can perform the position’s essential functions.

Good character and satisfactory background are prerequisites to appointment. In accordance with the provisions of the State Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Code, candidates for EMS certification or recertification must not have been convicted of certain misdemeanors or felonies. The New York State Department of Health will review all criminal convictions from any federal, military or state and/or local jurisdiction to determine if an applicant represents an unreasonable risk to property or the safety or welfare of patients or the public.

Fingerprint Fee

The position is subject to investigation before appointment. Candidates must pay an $88.25 fee for fingerprint screening. They also must furnish originals or certified copies of documents, including birth certificates, naturalization papers, proof of any military service, and proof of education, if applicable. Investigation must be completed prior to appointment.

City residency is not required for this position.

Application scores will be determined by an education-and-experience exam. Candidates will receive a score of 70 points for meeting the education and certificate requirements listed above. After these requirements are met, they will receive additional credit up to a maximum of 100 points based on a variety of factors, including full-time experience in the NYC 911 system performing emergency-medical-service duties while holding a valid NYS Department of Health EMT-Basic certification or EMT-Paramedic certification.

12-Month Probation

The probationary period is 12 months, and probationers will be required to successfully complete a prescribed training course. They must also successfully complete the Emergency Vehicle Operations Course (EVOC) prior to the completion of one year in title.

Complete information on the positions and testing requirements can be found online at

The exam application is 0803.

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