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Emergency Services Dispatcher Job With Suffolk at $42,752

$40 Fee For Jan. 22 Test; EMT Certification Needed

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Suffolk County is accepting applications through Dec. 15 for Emergency Services Dispatchers ahead of written tests scheduled for Jan. 22. The salary is $42,752. The application fee is $40.  The eligible list for this title will be used to fill future vacancies in the county's Department of Fire Rescue and Emergency Services. 


Emergency Services Dispatchers receive telephone and radio calls for emergency assistance, and contact emergency medical service units, fire departments and rescue units via a two-way communication system. Incumbents must elicit sufficient information to determine the nature of the emergency and the extent of assistance required. They coordinate activities of the emergency service unit contacted, the ambulance dispatched, and the hospital or other emergency-services provider.  

The work requires maintaining clerical records of incoming and outgoing communications, and may involve working rotating shifts. Incumbents work under the direct supervision of a higher-level Emergency Services Dispatcher.  


Candidates must possess an Emergency Medical Technician certificate, issued by the New York State Department of Health, at the time of appointment. Appointees must obtain a certificate both as an Emergency Medical Dispatcher and as a Fire Services Dispatcher through an approved course as determined by the appointing authority within six months of the date of appointment, and must  maintain valid certificates as an Emergency Medical Dispatcher and as a Fire Services Dispatcher throughout their employment in this title. They must be free of any speech, hearing or vision defects, which would impair their functioning in this position.

Candidates must have graduated from high school or possess a high-school-equivalency diploma.

4-Part Exam

The written test will cover knowledge, skills, and/or abilities in such areas as coding/decoding information; name and number checking; understanding and interpreting written material; following directions (maps); and retaining and comprehending spoken information from calls for emergency services (this section of the written test is audio-based and uses two media:  booklets and audio CD. After each call is played, candidates will read questions in the test booklet and answer them on a standard answer sheet.)

The use of calculators is allowed. 

Although the State Department of Civil Service has not prepared a test guide for this examination, candidates may find information in the publication “How to Take a Written Test” that's helpful in preparing for this test.  This publication is available online at

Keyboard Test

A keyboard performance test will be administered at a later date to candidates who pass the written test. That test will be given on a personal computer and consists of three parts, each preceded by a separate practice session. This is a keyboard performance test, designed to test applicants’ abilities to enter common forms of the information with which emergency telecommunicators deal in fire services, police services, and emergency medical services settings. Rating on this test will be based on the amount of information entered, and on the accuracy of entries.  

To pass this test, applicants must enter data at a rate of at least 6,000 keystrokes per hour (which is the equivalent to typing approximately 20 words per minute), with an accuracy rate of at least 97.5 percent. 

Candidates who pass the written and performance tests will be called for a qualifying personality/psychological evaluation and physical/medical evaluation as the needs of the service required. Those who successfully meet the standards may be required to be re-evaluated as needed.

For complete information on the position, its requirements and on how to apply go to


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