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Emergency Communication Specialist Trainee Jobs In Westchester Start at $46G

Need Current CPR Certification Among Other Qualifications; Nov. 16 Deadline For January Tests

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Westchester County will hold tests beginning Jan. 16 for Emergency Communication Specialist Trainee positions with a salary range of $46,480 to $56,635. The filing deadline is Nov. 16. The fee is $40.

Positions are available with the county service, Westchester Medical Center, in the cities of Peekskill and Rye, and in towns, villages, schools and special districts.


Under direct supervision in the Department of Public Safety or Department of Emergency Services, incumbents receive both professional certification(s) and on-the-job training in monitoring and operating two-way communication systems, call-taking on telecommunication systems and call-entry and retrieval using computer-aided dispatch systems to enable effective response to reported emergency situations.  

Incumbents learn to exercise good judgment in prioritizing calls and dispatching resources. Subsequent to satisfactory completion of one year of service and having earned certifications appropriate for their department, incumbents are eligible for promotion to the Emergency Communication Specialist I title without further examination. 

Incumbents may be assigned to one of multiple shifts, which operate on a 24/7 basis.


Good communication skills and the ability to multitask and work well under pressure are essential. 

Applicants need a high school or equivalency diploma, current CPR certification and meet one of the following five conditions:

1) two years of full-time (35 hours a week) paid experience in a law-enforcement agency, fire department or EMS agency that involved using computers, radios and 911-telephone equipment; or 2) two years of active U.S. military duty; or 3) current certification as an Emergency Medical Technician; or 4) completion of the state Office of Fire Prevention and Control Firefighter I training or equivalent; or 5) completion of the Basic Peace Officers course approved by the state Division of Criminal Justice Services; or 6) satisfactory completion of 60 credits toward a degree in Emergency Management, Criminal Justice, Fire Science, Emergency Medical Services or a closely related field.

Candidates can substitute verifiable experience as an active volunteer member of a law-enforcement agency, fire department, EMS agency or emergency-communication center that involved using computers, radios and 911-telephone equipment on a year-for-year basis up to two years of the required experience in 1).

The Exam

The examination consists of three parts: a written and listening test; and at a later date, a performance examination on a personal computer.

The written test will cover such areas as coding and decoding information; name and number checking; understanding and interpreting written material; following directions (maps); and retaining and comprehending spoken information from calls for emergency services. 

The listening test will include an audio-based test to assess a candidate’s ability to retain and understand spoken information from calls for emergency services. 

The performance test is a pass/fail exam. 

Candidates must pass both the written and performance tests to be considered for appointment.  

The test, administered on a conventional personal computer using a conventional keyboard but no mouse, will measure a candidate’s ability to enter the kinds of information that dispatchers and related personnel must process for fire, police, and emergency medical services. Candidates must enter data at a rate equal to about 20 words per minute, with an accuracy rate of at least 97.5 percent. 

There are no residence requirements to participate in the examination, but preference in appointment may be given to eligibles who have been residents in the appointing jurisdiction for 30 days prior to the examination and at the effective date of appointment.

For complete information on the position, including criteria for securing an alternate test date, and on how to apply, go to

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