Elevator Mechanic Jobs With City At $48.33 Per Hour

Multiple-Choice Test; Fee is $101; Tests Start Sept. 26; Apply by July 23

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The city is accepting applications for Elevator Mechanics jobs through July 23 for testing scheduled to begin Sept. 26. The salary is $48.33 per hour. The application fee is $101.

The Job

Elevator Mechanics inspect, maintain, adjust and repair elevator and escalator systems; lubricate and clean hydraulic and electric elevator systems; make adjustments to contactors and controllers in the electrical and hydraulic elements of elevator systems; and inspect and check doors, cables, rails, buffers, safeties, overloads, relays, sheaves and governors to assure continued safe operations. They also re-rope and re-wire elevator systems; inspect troubles in all types of elevator and escalator systems; make necessary adjustments and/or repairs to all elevator mechanical, hydraulic and electrical components and their control systems; inspect, maintain, adjust and repair escalators, platform lifts, conveyors and dumbwaiters; and drive a motor vehicle in the performance of duties.

Qualifying Standards

Candidates need to have either 1) Five years of full-time satisfactory experience as an elevator mechanic; or, 2) Not less than 4 ½ years of experience as described in “1” above plus, A) At least 6 months of closely related experience in the repair and maintenance of electrical or electromechanical control systems, or electrical, hydraulic or mechanical components of the following: escalators, drawbridges, aircraft, rail cars, or mechanical doors; or, B) At least 600 hours of training acquired at a trade or technical school or vocational high school or completed post-secondary education, with a major course of study in mechanical, electromechanical, electrical or electronic technology or a closely related field.

The education requirement must be met by Jan. 31, 2020. The experience requirement must be met by July 23.

Candidates must have a driver's license valid in New York State and must pass a drug screening to be appointed. They might need to be a city residents within 90 days of appointment.

The Test

Candidates will take a multiple-choice test at a computer terminal. Test areas measure knowledge of the basic duties appointees will be required to perform, as delineated above. 

The test may include questions that require mastery of technical knowledge such as: operating principles of hydraulic and electric elevator and/or escalator systems, and control systems; electric theory and machinery; troubleshooting, adjustments, inspection, maintenance, lubrication and repairs of hydraulic and electric elevator and/or escalator systems, including mechanical and electric components; safety requirements; proper use of tools; basic calculations; written technical material; and standards of proper employee ethical conduct.

Other Areas

The test may also include questions on the following abilities: written expression, information ordering, number facility; management of material resources, deductive reasoning, planning and organizing, judgment and decision-making, quantitative analysis and interpretation.

Scores on this test will be used to determine places on an eligible list. A passing score is 70 percent. Candidates may be given the test before having their qualifications verified. 

Those who meet the education and experience requirements and pass the multiple-choice test will have their names placed in final-score order on an eligible list. Those meeting all requirements and conditions will be considered for appointment when their name is reached on the eligible list. Once a list has been established, it typically remains active for four years. To learn more about the civil service system go to: www.nyc.gov/html/dcas/hyml/work/civilservice_1.shtml.

Complete information on qualifications, application requirements and procedures is available at www1.nyc.gov/site/dcas/employment/current-upcoming-exams.page. The exam number is 0102.

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