Court Officer Trainee Positions With State Starting at $51,113

Must Be Citizen, And NYS Resident; Apply By Feb. 26; Tests April-June

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The New York State Unified Court System is accepting applications for Court Officer Trainee positions across the state through Feb. 26.

The court system will be administering the NYS Court Officer Trainee Examination—the first step toward becoming a NYS Court Officer-Trainee—at test centers statewide between April 15 and June 10. The fee is $30.

The starting salary is $51,113. Appointees who  work in for New York City, Nassau, Suffolk, Rockland, and Westchester counties will receive an additional $4,300. Those working in in Orange, Dutchess and Putnam counties will get an extra $2,150.

The Job

New York State Court Officers, who constitute one of the largest groups of law-enforcement officers nationwide, are peace officers responsible for providing law enforcement, security services and maintaining order in New York State’s 1,500-plus courtrooms and building facilities.

Under the direct supervision of a State Court Officer-Sergeant and the general supervision of the Court Clerk or other security supervisory personnel, Court Officer-Trainees serve a two-year traineeship during which time they are responsible for maintaining order and providing security in courtrooms, court buildings and grounds.

After completion of formal training at the Academy, they may be assigned to all trial courts and court agencies to begin the on-the-job training portion of their traineeship, which will include training in court operations and security needs.

Greatest Need Upstate

Court Officer-Trainees are peace officers required to wear uniforms, and may be authorized to carry firearms, execute warrants, make arrests and perform related duties.

Court Officers may also advance as security managers and coordinators responsible for the security operations of courts and districts.

The Court System has an urgent need of Officers in its upstate districts.

After two years, Court Officer-Trainees are automatically promoted to the Court Officer title. Benefits include a regular work schedule, 20 paid vacation days the first year (increasing to 27 days after seven years), 12 paid holidays annually, and health-insurance and retirement benefits.

NYS Court Officers have exciting opportunities to grow and advance through the competitive testing process or by joining specialized teams or departments.

By the time of appointment, Trainees must be 20.5 years old, a citizen and New York State resident, a high school graduate or equivalent, possess a valid New York State driver’s license and be legally eligible to purchase and carry firearms.

Physical, medical and psychological examinations will be conducted to ensure that candidates are able to satisfactorily perform the duties of this position. The examinations will include a fitness test, medical and psychological evaluations and substance-abuse screening.

The Exam

Applicants will be tested on how well they remember facts and information; their ability to read, understand and interpret material; how they apply facts and information to given situations; and court record keeping.

Applicants will be emailed a link between March 23 and April 3 to self-schedule the computer-based, multiple-choice examination, which will be administered by PSI at test centers throughout the state. The exam time is three hours and 15 minutes.

Self-scheduling will be first-come, first-served; specific dates, times and test centers will not be guaranteed.

NYS Unified Court System employees will be required to select among the dates/times available on Saturdays and Sundays during the exam administration period. Those employees who are regularly scheduled to work weekends shall be granted excused leave to take the exam during work hours in accordance with the applicable collective bargaining agreement or rules of the Chief Judge.

Complete information on the position and a link to the application can be found online at

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