Correction Officer Positions With City Starting at $44,333

Tests Through May; $61 Application Fee; Citizenship Required; Must be 21-years-old

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The city is holding exams through the end of May for Correction Officers to work in correctional facilities.

The salary is $44,333. Pay reaches $82,808 after five and a half years of employment. Incumbents also receive uniform allowances, holiday pay, contributions by the city to welfare and annuity funds, and longevity pay.


Correction Officers maintain security and are responsible for the care, custody, control, job training and work performance of sentenced and detained inmates within city correctional facilities. Among other tasks, they supervise inmate meals, visits, recreational programs and other activities; conduct searches to detect contraband; complete forms and reports; maintain log books; observe inmates and make recommendations; escort inmates within and outside of the facility, including their transportation in Departmental vehicles; respond to incidents and disturbances; enforce security procedures; request medical assistance for inmates; count and verify the number of inmates present in assigned areas; and verify identification.


Appointees must be U.S. citizens and at least 21 years old. They must be city residents or live in Nassau, Westchester, Suffolk, Orange, Rockland or Putnam counties. They must obtain a New York State driver’s license prior to graduating from the Department of Correction Academy.

By the time candidates are appointed, they must have either successfully completed 39 semester college credits and an additional 21 semester credits, which may be satisfied by successful completion of Academy training, to total 60 semester credits by the end of Academy training; or have a four-year high school diploma or its equivalent, and have completed two years of honorable full-time U.S. military service; or have a four-year high school diploma or its educational equivalent, and two years of satisfactory, full-time experience a) in positions classified as Police Officers or b) in positions classified as Peace Officers or c) in positions designated as Special Patrolman pursuant or d) in positions in Federal law enforcement or law enforcement in other states or municipalities; or six years of active service in the Army Reserve, the Army National Guard, the Navy Reserve, the Air Force Reserve, the Air National Guard, the Marine Corps Reserve or the Coast Guard Reserve with an honorable discharge.


Candidates will be given multiple-choice tests that include questions on writing comprehension and expression; memorization; problem sensitivity; number facility; mathematical reasoning; deductive and inductive reasoning; information ordering; spatial orientation; and visualization.

Scores determine a candidate’s place on an eligible list. A passing score is 70 percent. They also must also pass qualifying physical tests and a drug screenings. Proof of good character and satisfactory background are prerequisites.

To Apply

Candidates can apply and schedule a reservation for a test date if they meet the requirements.

Complete information on qualifications, application requirements and procedures is available at The exam number is 9320.

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