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Computer Analyst Trainees With City Start at $41,023

$10,000 Bump After Year On The Job; Fee is $61 for Test to Come; Apply Through Sept. 21

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The city is accepting applications for Computer Programming Analyst Trainees through Sept 21 for multiple-choice tests scheduled to begin at a later date. 

The current minimum salary is $41,023 a year. Incumbents hold the Computer Programming Analyst Trainee position for a year, and after satisfactory completion of a year's service will advance without further examination to Computer Programmer Analyst, which has a minimum annual salary of $51,233. The application fee is $61.

Key Duties

Computer Programmer Analyst Trainees, under direct or immediate supervision, are trained in and perform beginning-level professional work for the purpose of acquiring knowledge, skill and competence in the development of programs for use in the operations of a computer system. All Computer Programmer Analyst Trainees perform related work.

To qualify for appointment, applicants must have one of the following:

1) An associate degree or completion of 60 credits at an accredited college, including at least 12 in computer science and/or data processing; or

2) A four-year high school diploma or its educational equivalent and one year of full-time work experience, of which at least six months is in computer programming; or

3) A four-year high-school diploma or its educational equivalent and six months (at least 650 hours) of computer training at an accredited trade or technical school; or

4) Education and/or work experience that is equivalent to the first three sets of credentials.

The work experience requirement must be met by Sept. 21 and the education requirement must be met by Jan. 31, 2022.

All new hires must be vaccinated against the Covid-19 virus, unless they have been granted a reasonable accommodation for religion or disability. Those offered city employment must meet this requirement by their date of hire, unless a reasonable accommodation for exemption is received and approved by the hiring agency.

Those hired into the position might need to be city residents within 90 days of appointment.

The Test 

A multiple-choice test, given at a computer terminal, is designed to assess the extent to which candidates have certain knowledge and abilities determined to be important to the performance of the tasks of a Computer Programmer Analyst Trainee. 

Task areas to be tested are as follows: assists in the review and analysis of detailed computer systems specifications; assists in the preparation of program instructions; assists in the preparation of diagrams for computer systems; assists in the preparation of information for coding program instructions; assists in preparing test data and testing and debugging programs, including but not limited to quality assurance testing of different systems and troubleshooting; assists in the preparation of the documentation of the program for the computer operators and set-up staff; running reports; learning and development through online courses and training modules; and special projects as assigned.

The test may include questions on basic computer programming, including flow-charting; basic computer software, including applications; basic computer hardware; and other related areas.

Applicants with experience in certain types of computer work could be considered for Selective Certification, meaning they will be given preferred consideration for positions requiring those skills.

For more information on the position, including Selective Certification criteria and on how to apply, go to

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