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Assistant Assessor Positions With City Start at $50,848

2 Assignment Levels; No Written Test; Apply by July 28; Fee is $68

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The city is accepting applications for Assistant City Assessors through July 28. The salary is $50,848. The application fee is $68.

There are two assignment levels, but appointments will generally be made to Level I. After appointment, employees may be assigned to the higher level at the discretion of the agency.

The Position

Assistant City Assessors are trained in and perform the collection of data and information and assist in determining the value of real properties for tax purposes. Assistant City Assessors assist City Assessors in the physical inspection of real property; take measurements and write descriptions of real property; assist City Assessors in field investigations relating to applications and exemptions; obtain pertinent data regarding property, values and transactions from owners, lessors and lessees, superintendents or other building representatives, brokers, pertinent publications, and other departments of government. 

They also check on the continued use of exempt properties; read map and building plans, make simple title searches, do computations; perform other related analytical and technical work; and prepare timely reports and maintain detailed records.


Applicants need to have either 1) a baccalaureate degree or higher from an accredited college or university; or 2) an associate degree from an accredited college or 60 semester credits from an accredited college and one year of full-time experience in real-estate work involving the valuation of real property; or 3) a four-year high-school diploma or its educational equivalent and two years of full-time satisfactory experience in real-estate work involving the valuation of real property; or 4) education and/or experience equivalent to “1” or “2” or “3” above. 

All candidates must have a high school diploma or its educational equivalent. College credit listed in “2” above may be substituted for experience on the basis of 30 semester credits from an accredited college for six months of the experience described in “2” above. The education requirement must be met by Jan. 31. The experience requirement must be met by July 28.

The Test

Test scores will be determined by an education-and-experience exam. Applicants will receive 70 points for meeting the requirements. After that, they will receive additional credits, up to a maximum of 100 points, on the following basis: designation, certification or license in real-estate assessing or appraising, 12 points; full-time experience performing real-estate work involving the evaluation of property for at least one year, up to six points; for at least two years, up to 12 points; at least three years, up to 18 points; at least four years, up to 24 points; five or more years, up to 30 points. 

The position is subject to investigation before appointment, including fingerprint screenings. Candidates and appointees will also be required to present relevant documents, including birth certificates, naturalization papers and proof of educational requirements, among others. 

Complete information on the positions and testing requirements can be found online at

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