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Westchester County Exams

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Below is a roundup of Westchester County exams leading to public service positions.

Scheduled examinations are held periodically and have an application deadline. There are three types of scheduled exams: Open To All (Open Competitive), County and Medical Center (WMC) Promotional, and Local Promotional.

Prospective applicants are advised to write or call the appropriate office to make sure they meet the qualifications needed to apply for an exam. For jobs for which no written tests are given, candidates will be rated on education and experience, or by oral tests or performance exams.

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61-058 Library Director III

61-135 Assistant Library Director III


06-100   Emergency Medical Technician (Basic)

02-108   Sanitarian Trainee $53,760-$67,010

02-600   Water/Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator/Trainee $45,460-55,390

02-601   Water/Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator/Trainee

91-136   Paramedic (Local)

01-155   Cardiothoracic Surgical Physician Assistant

02-032   Clinical Pharmacy Specialist

02-900   Health Services Coordinator $75,406-$125,410

86-102   Hospital Pharmacist

93-133   Occupational Therapist (School Districts)

86-113   Occupational Therapist (WCMC)

94-138   Occupational Therapy Assistant

93-134   Physical Therapist (School Districts)

86-115   Physical Therapist (WCMC)

03-100   Physical Therapy Assistant (School Districts)

94-137   Physical Therapy Assistant

87-116   Physician's Assistant

86-117   Public Health Nurse $72,635-$125,175

09-002   Radiology Information Systems Analyst

90-118   Staff Occupational Therapist

90-120   Staff Physical Therapist

87-124   Supervising Hospital Pharmacist

99-101   Supervising Public Health Nurse $81,595-$135,715

97-363   Supervisor of Medical Social Work

99-102   Surgical Physician Assistant - Specialty Services $96,540-$140,776

11-531   Coordinator of Computer Services

14-723   Database Specialist

20-532   Network Engineer II (BOCES #2

10-529   Server Engineer I $65,210-$81,105

10-003   Software Architect I $77,445-$103,235

20-492   Systems Engineer I

20-493   Systems Engineer II

10-941   Technical Support Specialist

95-145   Senior Medical Technologist (Chemistry)

95-148   Senior Medical Technologist (Microbiology)

95-149   Senior Medical Technologist (Stat - General)

07-104   Supervisor Of Laboratories (General) $78,729-$117,831

07-102   Supervisor of Laboratories (Microbiology)

95-151   Supervisor of Laboratories (Special Chemistry) $78,729-$117,831

95-150   Supervisor of Labs (Anatomic Pathology) $78,729-$117,831

95-142   Technical Specialist (Microbiology)

02-030   Senior Assistant General Counsel

62-705   Librarian I

62-715   Librarian I (Children's Services)

62-741   Librarian I (Spanish Speaking)

63-020   Librarian II

63-034   Librarian II (Spanish Speaking)

63-045   Library Director I


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