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Nassau County Exams

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Below is a roundup of Nassau County exams leading to public service positions. 

Prospective applicants are advised to write or call the appropriate office to make sure they meet the qualifications needed to apply for an exam. For jobs for which no written tests are given, candidates will be rated on education and experience, or by oral tests or performance exams.

For more information about Civil Service exams in Nassau County, click here.



7078 CR(D) Cytotechnologist I $43,863-$91,243

7094 CR(D) Cytotechnologist II $52,099-$108,383

7095 CR(D) Cytotechnologist III $66,357-$132,168

61-639CR Librarian I $43,000-$61,333

60-180CR Librarian I, Bilingual (Spanish Speaking)

5263 CR(D) Medical Technologist I $31,963-$74,978

5002 CR Nurse Practitioner I (Acute Care) $59,507-$108,383

5003 CR Nurse Practitioner I (Adult Health) $59,507-$108,383

5004 CR Nurse Practitioner I (Community Health) $59,507-$108,383

5005 CR Nurse Practitioner I (Family Health) $59,507-$108,383

5006 CR Nurse Practitioner I (Gerontology) $59,507-$108,383

5007 CR Nurse Practitioner I (Neonatology) $59,507-$108,383

5008 CR Nurse Practitioner I (Obstetrics/Gynecology) $59,507-$108,383

5009 CR Nurse Practitioner I (Oncology) $59,507-$108,383

5010 CR Nurse Practitioner I (Palliative Care) $59,507-$108,383

5011 CR Nurse Practitioner I (Pediatrics) $59,507-$108,383

5012 CR Nurse Practitioner I (Perinatology) $59,507-$108,383

5013 CR Nurse Practitioner I (Psychiatry) $59,507-$108,383

5014 CR Nurse Practitioner I (Women’s Health) $59,507-$108,383

3138 CR(D) Occupational Therapist Assistant $31,963-$74,207

7288 CR(D) Occupational Therapist/Occupational Therapist I $37,093-$128,172

3139 CR(D) Pharmacist I $56,636-$117,533

3140 CR(D) Physical Therapist Assistant $31,963-$74,207

9030 CR(D) Physical Therapist/Physical Therapist I $37,463-$140,162

9029 CR(D) Physician Assistant I $57,200-$118,707

8049 CR(D) Radiologic Technologist (General) $34,720-$72,111

8050 CR(D) Radiologic Technologist (Mammography) $34,720-$72,111


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They just need to open up all the old school nut houses

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