To the Editor:

Looking backward, I’ll bet there are many Chief-Leader readers who lament the refusal of Mayor Michael Bloomberg to let then-Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly take a job offer to become the 7th Director of the FBI in 2011.

At that juncture, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder told RWK that the sign for his office door had already been made. The hearts of Obama/Holder were so set on getting RWK for the position that they bent over backwards to convince the 6th FBI Director, Robert S. Mueller III, then 67 years old, to agree to serve two more years until September 2013, when Bloomberg would agree to let RWK leave his Administration with only a few months left in his 3rd term.

Now here’s what frosts me. Recently, President Trump accused RSM of allegedly asking for a 2nd 10-year term in May 2017. He believes that RSM turned against him when he said no. He neglected to mention that if he served the 2nd 10 years, RSM would be 79 years old when he left office. POTUS forgets that after the 37 years served by the 1st F.B.I. Director, Congress limited all future Directors to a single 10-year term. To get 2 added years for RSM to be a placeholder for RWK, Obama, Holder and Chuck Schumer had to move heaven and earth, and promise that this would be a one-time-only deal.

Now, here’s the rub. If RWK had become F.B.I. Director in 2013, I suspect the Hillary Clinton investigations would have unfolded differently. There would have been no July 2016 new conference characterizing Ms. Clinton’s behavior. RWK was a by-the-book individual. I doubt Trump would have succeeded in intimidating, or manipulating him. Without Comey in the job, then no firing and no RSM.

I only wish that RWK were less loyal to Bloomberg. I also wish that the Mayor were less selfish, and far-sighted enough to realize that when the nation had need of his patriotic services, RWK should have been sent off to Washington, with his blessing. Had he done so, we would all have been much better off.


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President Obama was enough of a sell-out as it is. I guess having Raymond "Mr. Stop And Frisk" Kelly heading the FBI would have completed that. Clinton winning in 2016 would not have been any better. Hopefully in 2020 the Democrats will surprise us and nominate a good candidate.

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