Teachers should have special rights under the Penal Code to justifiably act in self-defense by slapping obnoxious folks, whoever they are and whatever their motive, for cuckoo comments to the effect that they have a part-time job and keep bankers' hours.

This canard will never be laid to rest because it is not based on good-faith misapprehension.

Without listing the innumerable matters unrelated to the practice of pure education that are imposed upon Teachers by sclerotic bureaucracies, including but not limited to comprehensive and detailed lesson plans with often-tough guidelines that meet the varying instructional needs of diverse individual students; the pursuit of multiple college degrees or their equivalent, plus expensive and time-consuming course work beyond the various degrees, certificates and diplomas, here is a typical workload of a middle or high school English Teacher:

She has approximately 165 students. Every week she assigns a composition averaging two pages in length. Also, a literature test and 5 days of homework of at least a single page. This amounts to 1,320 pages of student work per week that must not merely be collected and returned, but read and corrected.

Multiply that by a 40-week school year and you have a “grand total” of about 52,800 pages per year.

Over a career, that’s about 1,742,400 pages. And that’s a conservative estimate, as I figured the Teacher retired at the first opportunity for a full pension in an old, better system no longer available, and that she gives no exams on vocabulary, term papers or other large assignments.

This work is done before or after business hours, including weekends and holidays. Even during vacations, they are planning lessons and projects.

Teachers have little “free time.” Their “down” time is “down” only because their mood is not uncommonly artificially depressed by micromanaging and ignorant supervisors.


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