To the Editor:

The excesses of the “Me Too” movement had better be identified and rejected—and loudly—or we Dems have absolutely no chance in 2020.

After all the women who gave me and other men big hugs and sometimes kisses (we welcomed them, of course), the kind of nonsense that Joe Biden is being accused of is unfair and ridiculous. When someone feels uncomfortable about touching, it should be incumbent on the one who feels uncomfortable to say something. If they don’t say anything, they can’t complain when the touching doesn’t stop.

Of course, obvious unwelcomed sexual advances and sexual harassment is another thing, and that is always unacceptable and can be criminal.

I believe that the phony criticism of Biden might have been encouraged by progressive Dems who don’t want Biden around, and they are some of the same people who didn’t want Hillary around.

If they prevail with attacks on the Democratic contenders for the primary, Republicans will have a good chance to take the White House again—with or without Trump.


Editor’s note: The writer is a retired NYPD Lieutenant and an attorney.

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Gorman is delusional. He got his allegedly moderate candidate, the corporate-supported, war-mongering Hillary Clinton in 2016. She could only get 48 percent of the vote against the awful Donald Trump.

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