To The Editor:

Perhaps retirement has dulled the senses of the sanctimonious 28-year DOT Employee (July 12 letter). The focus of my letter (July 5 issue) that he critiqued was specifically related to the situation in N.Y. State, not the Federal situation at the border.

As to the latter situation, the Obama Administration built those filthy cages the writer so roundly criticizes. He was unusually silent in 2016 when human-rights organizations condemned the Obama administration for the deaths of 18 migrants and living conditions at the detention centers.

He participates in the lie that detainees were forced to drink from toilet bowls. He exposes his ignorance when he states that I am intent on “keeping non-white, non-Christian people out of our country.” The majority of those migrants are a mix of indigenous, mestizo, Caucasian, and African Latinos who are in fact overwhelmingly Christian.

I do not condone the communications of the ICE agents, nor do I oppose the disciplinary action taken against them, but I do not blindly paint the entire agency as a group of insensitive bigots.

Does the writer disagree with recently elected President of El Salvador Nayib Bukele, who holds El Salvador responsible for the tragic drownings of the father and daughter migrants?

He sees the U.S. as violating its immigration laws, I see immigration lawyers using legal loopholes to help migrants gain entry into the U.S. If those refugees claiming persecution refuse to apply for asylum in Mexico while continuing on to the U.S. border, they are misrepresenting themselves as fleeing from oppression.

I make no secret that I support strict enforcement of our borders while the writer supports open borders. His lies and misrepresentations expose his fraudulent argument.


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