To the Editor:

Sometimes a continuation is needed to further clarify issues. I have previously written about Teamsters Local 237 Maintenance Workers, (May 24 issue), now it’s time to illuminate another wage-suppressed title represented by Local 237.

Caretakers who work for the New York City Housing Authority are also underpaid for the work that they perform. They, also, have been forsaken by Local 237.

Thousands of these hard-working men and women often work in hard, labor-intensive conditions from cleaning buildings to landscaping to repairing machinery. They far too often are working in dangerous conditions.

I’m sure Local 237 officials are well aware of the work that they perform, yet they never aggressively bring that knowledge into negotiations. They can be compared to city laborers making far greater wages.

If Local 237 officials could be more vocal in support of higher wages that are well deserved, then maybe things can get better for the worker’s and their families.


(Editor’s Note: Mr. Contoveros is a former candidate for president of Local 237.)

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