To the Editor:

A number of Republican-controlled state legislatures have passed some of the most restrictive abortion laws since Roe v. Wade became the law of the land in 1973.

Most of these laws criminalize abortion within a few weeks of pregnancy, well before a woman even knows she is pregnant. The laws provide no exemptions for rape and incest while placing severe penalties, including incarceration, on both the doctors and their patients, yet assign no blame whatsoever to the men who were equally responsible.

To a person, the GOP legislators that supported these outrageous laws cited the need to protect the “sanctity of life.” So why is it that these same lawmakers have little concern for the over-30,000 Americans who lose their lives each year due to gunshots?

In the interest of equal concern for life, I suggest a series of state laws that ban all guns capable of inflicting death, with no exceptions for hunters or law enforcement, or in the alternative, a ban on legislators suffering from severe hypocrisy.


Retired 28 year DOT Employee

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