To the Editor:

The pundits and Members of Congress are contrasting Robert Mueller’s 9-minute explanation of his report with Attorney General William Barr’s “summary” of the Mueller Report and his statements about the report to the media.

Anyone who seeks clarity in communication—in spite of the disingenuous nature of most political discourse—is irritated, if not angered, by Barr’s inaccurate summary and statements to the media about the report.

Charles Dickens had a word for the lawyers who act as “tightrope walkers” in their acrobatic word games meant to fool and confuse: “pettifoggers.” I would argue that William Barr has shown himself to be a classic “pettifogger”—if not a baldfaced liar.

Compounding the sycophantic, pathetic behavior of Trump’s Attorney General/personal lawyer, is the utterly disgusting and unpatriotic White House demand that the USS John S. McCain Warship be kept out of sight during Trump’s visit to Japan.

Trump denied giving the order, but said whoever gave that order was “well-meaning.” This comes from a shameless draft-dodger dishonoring one of America’s great war heroes.


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