To the Editor:

After Attorney General William Barr’s amateurish and stumbling Jackie Gleason imitation in responding to questions from Congress (“Homina, homina, homina”—“whatever you want, President Trump”), it is clear that Barr and Trump are joined at the lip.

Barr’s intentions were clear before he was offered the job by Trump when he displayed his legal shortcomings and political bias by incorrectly arguing that the President could not be charged with obstruction of justice (no matter what he did or said) if the underlying charge, conspiracy, was not proved.

Barr volunteered to be Donald Trump’s Roy Cohn, a lawyer who would disregard and challenge the law and the Constitution whenever Trump is challenged or threatened. He doesn’t even pretend to be what he is supposed to be under the law: The one who represents the United States in legal matters.

What Barr doesn’t seem to acknowledge that it’s black letter law that a defendant can satisfy the corrupt-intent criterion for obstruction even if the defendant himself committed no underlying crime (Professor Danial Hemel, Univ. of Chicago Law School in the Washington Post). Barr either doesn’t want to know the law or he is just too biased and corrupt to follow the law. It’s scary to know that the most powerful judicial officer in the nation is either a blithering idiot or a corrupt official.

He looks and acts like a toad because he’s Trump’s toady. From calling the investigation of Russian interference in our election “spying” by American intelligence investigators—because it may expose a traitor in the White House—to refusing to defend the law of the land (Obamacare), to his obvious intention to prevent Congress and the American people from ever seeing the full Mueller Report, Barr is truly playing the Roy Cohn role for Trump.

He’s just the newest member of the criminal cabal that has surrounded Trump from the beginning.

Barr has the shocking chutzpah and stupidity to use the word “spy” for American investigators whose work has resulted in 34 criminal indictments of individuals, plus 3 Russian businesses, and 7 criminal convictions—including people who worked closely with Trump.

It’s not surprising that Trump’s toady would do anything to protect his “client,” since Trump has called the criminal convictions of his advisors and associates an abuse of power by Democrats to hurt some very good men. Barr has not ruled out calling the entire Mueller investigation a “witch hunt,” since he said that it really depends on where one is sitting; that is, as the accuser of the accused.

That is crazy talk from the Attorney General. The truth is that Barr, together with President Trump, are the greatest threats to our Constitution and the American rule of law.

Trump never had the respect of any respectable people. But what makes old men like Barr and Rudolph Giuliani so willing to throw their respectable reputations away for power, publicity and money? Don’t they realize that they only have a few years left before the ultimate democratic reality—death—takes effect?


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