In leaving the Justice Department after spending the past two years as Special Counsel, Robert Mueller fleshed out what he had strongly implied in his report on the probe of Russian interference in the 2016 election and whether Donald Trump and his subordinates either were involved or the President later tried to obstruct justice: that Congress has the power to go where he wasn’t able to through impeachment proceedings.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has good political reasons for resisting going down that road for now: the likelihood that if Democrats found enough evidence to bring charges, Mr. Trump would be given a pass by the Republican-led Senate and walk away with a propaganda victory.

But sentiment appeared to be building among House Democrats for pursuing impeachment, not just because of Mr. Mueller’s remarks but due to Mr. Trump brazenly defying their attempts to get further information about his conduct before and after he took office by defying subpoenas, refusing to release his tax returns and ordering former White House Counsel Don McGahn not to testify.

Throughout his life, Mr. Trump has shown little tolerance for the rule of law if it was being used to curb his bad behavior, and has been able to intimidate many of those trying to hold him to account. If he continues that practice in dealing with the House—and why wouldn’t he?—at some point Ms. Pelosi is going to have to take him on or fail in her duty to prevent our system of government from being trampled by an obnoxious bully who fancies himself as beyond the rules.

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